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Deakin University Australia

JEL Classification: G24, G28, D14, D18

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Egan, Mark and Matvos, Gregor and Seru, Amit, The Market for Financial Adviser Misconduct (September 1, 2017). Journal of Political Economy, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: Extreme Muscle Polo With Cherry Chest Print White Asos Sale Enjoy 2cLHK
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Harvard Business School ( )

Soldiers Field RoadMorgan 270CBoston, MA 02163United States

University of Texas at Austin - Department of Finance ( )

Red McCombs School of BusinessAustin, TX 78712United States

Stanford University ( )

Stanford, CA 94305United States

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Reviewed by: Dr Adrian Bonsall, 11 Jan 2017

Pneumococcal vaccines for adults

In this article

About pneumococcal vaccines

Pneumococcus is a germ (bacterium) which can cause pneumonia , meningitis and some other infections. Pneumococcal infections can affect anybody, but older people and people with long-term medical conditions are at increased risk of developing them. Some pneumococcal infections are more serious than others.

There are two types of vaccine available to protect against pneumococcal infection . One is called pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) (Prevenar13®), which is the vaccine used to routinely immunise babies. It can also be given to children and adults.

The second type of vaccine is called pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (PPV). This vaccine is suitable for the immunisation of adults and of children over 2 years of age.

This leaflet provides information about both types of pneumococcal vaccine (PCV and PPV) when they are used in adults or in children over 2 years of age. There is another separate medicine leaflet called 100% Original For Sale Mens Sports Underwear Skiny Hyper Online Clearance Shop Really For Sale ic5yEzYdzq
which provides more information about PCV when it is given to babies.

Pneumococcal vaccines stimulate the body's immune system to make antibodies against pneumococcal infections. These antibodies then help protect you from illness should you become infected with pneumococcal bacteria. The vaccines provide protection against many (but not all) types of pneumococcal infection.

Before having pneumococcal vaccine

Before you are given pneumococcal vaccine, make sure your doctor knows:

How the vaccine is given

Getting the most from your treatment

Can pneumococcal vaccines cause problems?

Along with their useful effects, vaccines like most medicines can cause unwanted side-effects, although not everyone experiences them. Pneumococcal immunisation often causes no problems, but the table below contains some of the side-effects which may occur. You will find a full list in the manufacturer's information leaflet supplied with the vaccine. Speak with a doctor or nurse if any of the following side-effects continue or become troublesome.

You will normally be asked by the doctor or nurse to wait several minutes after the immunisation to make sure that you do not react badly to the vaccine. Although allergic reactions are extremely rare, you should seek urgent medical advice if you become breathless, or if any swelling or a rash develops within a few days of the immunisation.

If you experience any other symptoms which you think may be due to the vaccine, speak with your doctor or pharmacist.

Important information about all medicines

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Written by
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January 04, 2018
Let's hope they never have to use it. (SpaceX)
Written by
Tim Fernholz
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January 04, 2018

SpaceX is known for its reusable rockets, but one under-appreciated technology it has pioneered is letting them self-destruct.

Orbital rockets capable of lifting heavy satellites into space are enormous and dangerous. Flying one from a launch site like Cape Canaveral traditionally requires an Air Force range-safety officer in place, ready to transmit a signal to detonate the rocket safely in the sky if the launch threatens to go awry.

SpaceX, however, pursuing cheaper and more efficient launches, worked with the Air Force to turn over that duty to a GPS-equipped on-board computer, an “Automatic Flight Safety System” that debuted in 2017. Now, if the company’s Falcon 9 rocket goes outside prescribed bounds when launched from Cape Canaveral, it can activate its own self-destruct sequence.

No other US rocket has this capability yet, and it could open up new advantages for SpaceX: The US Air Force is considering launches to polar orbits from Cape Canaveral , but the flight path is only viable if the rockets don’t need to be tracked for range-safety reasons. That means SpaceX is the only company that could take advantage of the new corridor to space.

Rockets at the Cape normally launch satellites eastward over the Atlantic into orbits roughly parallel to the equator. Launches from Florida into orbits traveling from pole to pole generally sent rockets too close to populated areas for the Air Force’s liking. The new rules allow them to thread a safe path southward, past Miami and over Cuba.

Currently, US launches to polar orbit take place at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base, a less efficient facility for frequent commercial launches. At the Cape, meanwhile, both NASA and Air Force officials have embraced the needs of private rocket-builders like Elon Musk’s SpaceX; Boeing and Lockheed Martin’s joint venture United Launch Alliance (ULA); Orbital ATK, and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. Forthcoming launch vehicles from ULA and Blue Origin are expected to adopt the automatic safety system when they debut in 2020.

SpaceX pushed for the new automated system for several reasons. One was efficacy: The on-board computer can react more quickly than human beings relying on radar data and radio transmissions to signal across miles of airspace, which gives the rocket more time to correct its course before blowing up in the event of an error.

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